Unlocking the potential of crowdsourced ideas

Our challenge-led innovation effectively engages targeted crowds to drive innovation


Set innovation challenges to uncover ideas for product, process and service improvements


Set innovation challenges to engage and evaluate pioneering suppliers from across the world


Set innovation challenges to assess the job capabilities of potential new recruits

Engaging the most suitable crowds to solve your challenges

Closed innovation (internal)

Unlock hidden ideas from your employees and discover the innovators in your organisation.

Open innovation (external)

Access a globally diverse and targeted audience of innovators including from industry and academia

Innovation made simple, accessible and effective with our award winning online platform.

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We work hard so you don't have to

Challenge creation

Our in-house innovation experts will review your organisation’s strategic goals and sculpt into a 'challenge'. This is then shared (even anonymously) to the target 'crowd' so only the most relevant stakeholders are engaged

Idea management

Our clever technology does the hard work so you don't have to. Users are onboarded effortlessly and supported throughout. The pain, time and cost of managing thousands of ideas and emails is now removed.

Ready to make innovation simply work for your organisation?

Access new ideas. Solve strategic challenges. Stay ahead.